3 Things to Know about Child Custody

3 Things to Know about Child Custody

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Regarding Child Custody, here are 3 things to know….

1. Unless there is a serious issue, the court expects you to nurture the relationship between your child/children and your ex, and encourage your child/children to see the noncustodial parent, even if they don’t want to.

2. Moving away within the state of Massachusetts – When a relocation would involve significant disruption of the parent with noncustodial rights, the court decision will resemble those applied to moving the children out of state.

3. Traveling out of state with kids during your divorce – if you have a court order, you must abide by that order. If there is no court order and you want to travel with your kids for a reasonable amount of time, you can either reach an agreement with your ex, or get a court order to do so.

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