10 Things to Never Do

10 Things to Never Do

Here are 10 Things to Consider Never Doing….

1. Never put anything in an email or text that you would not want read back to you in court.

2. Don’t pay spousal support or child support in cash, unless you get a receipt.

3. Never sign anything without reading it first. Fine print matters! You need to know and understand what you are signing.

4. Never work with anyone who isn’t willing to put it in writing. For example, think contractors.

5. Never consent to a search, whether it’s your home, car or you. Unless there is a search warrant, this is a hard no.

6. Don’t talk to the police without your attorney present. If you have children, don’t let the police talk to them without your attorney present.

7. Don’t talk to the government without an attorney. If there is an investigation going on and you are requested to give an interview, don’t do it without your attorney present.

8. Don’t ever drink in your car, driving or not. Don’t even sit in your car if you’re intoxicated. Just don’t take that chance.

9. Never leave an accident scene without calling the police, no matter how small the accident. If the other party says they will take care of your damages, and then they don’t, you will be on your own. Call the police. Get a report made.

10. Never represent yourself in court. Law is extremely complex. Even lawyers hire other lawyers for representation.

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