Wills and Trusts
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Establishing a will or trust is usually at the bottom of everyone's list of priorities because getting your affairs in order can seem less important than the daily demands of busy lives. But circumstances can change rapidly.

The Springfield probate and estate lawyers at the Law Offices of Johnson, Sclafani & Moriarty believe that it is essential for every parent and property owner to have a will, a durable power of attorney and a health care proxy. It is also important to review these estate documents annually to adjust them to any changes in circumstances.

Contact us so we can explain the need for these important documents and how they can be created for you. It may be a very simple process, depending upon the size and complexity of your estate.

Massachusetts Power of Attorney, Wills, Trusts and Health Care Proxies

A durable power of attorney is just as important as a will. A will carries out your wishes after death. A power of attorney allows your loved ones to carry out your wishes if you become disabled and are unable to make or communicate your decisions.

  • Power of attorney - Also referred to as a durable power of attorney, this document ensures that your financial affairs can be managed quickly and easily if you become disabled or incapacitated.
  • Will - If you die with assets but no will, state law decides who is entitled to your estate. The probate process can be lengthy, complicated and unnecessarily expensive.
  • Trust – When beneficiaries are young or assets are substantial enough to have significant tax implications, trusts are a way to give you control as you pass your assets to your loved ones.
  • Health Care Proxy - A Health Care Proxy is a directive that allows your loved ones to make medical decisions for you if you are unable to make them yourself – this allows you to maintain control over your health care.

Why would you trust your final wishes to a form that cannot advise you regarding the best plan for your specific situation?

Each of these important documents must be properly drafted to prevent family disputes and court challenges to your wishes.

Let us handle your legal matter so you can take control of your life.

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