Thinking About Divorce?

Thinking About Divorce?

Just the thought of divorce can be overwhelming. The stress and emotional toll divorce can take on an individual can be challenging. It’s an emotional journey. If you are thinking about divorce or are just starting the process of divorce, Tanya K. Moriarty, Attorney at Johnson, Sclafani & Moriarty in West Springfield, Massachusetts advises the following:

“To someone thinking about divorce I would advise them to get a firm grip on their finances and their spouses’ finances. Oftentimes one of the two spouses looks after the money piece of the business of marriage, so getting up to date on that can be crucial if you’re the one who doesn’t pay the bills.”

In addition, Moriarty says “I will typically send people to therapy as well.  I fully believe that as an attorney, I’m only as good as the client allows me to be.  It’s an incredibly difficult time in life and nearly everything I learn in the divorce is from my client.  I need my client to be strong so that I can obtain the best possible result.”

If you have children and are thinking about divorce your first instinct may be to shield them from pain, but you need to help them cope with what’s going on around them. So, set aside time a couple of times a week to just talk and listen to your child. Let them do most of the talking! Ask open ended questions like “How do you feel about what Mom/Dad said?” Resist the urge to fix it or offer advice. Let them know you “get it”.

The initial conversation you have with your children about the divorce is extremely important and should be done with care. Tell them only when you know with certainty that it is going to happen. Tell them when the family is together, not one at a time. Don’t assume how your children will react to the news of your divorce. Whatever their reaction, maintain your composure.

Attorney Moriarty advises both parties in a divorce to “always do what’s in the best interest of your child”.

If you are considering divorce, contact Attorney Tanya K. Moriarty. She has been focusing on family law for nearly fifteen years. She is knowledgeable and a leading advocate in this field.


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