Should I Sign a PreNup?

Should I Sign a PreNup?

There are many reasons to sign a prenup. Let’s look at a few here.

First if you are both wealthy or are even in the same place financially, it’s generally a good idea to sign a prenup to protect your assets, now and in the future.

If you are engaged to someone who is wealthier than you, and asks you to sign a prenup, it’s a good idea to remove the emotion that you more than likely will feel when you are asked.

The first thing to remember is not to blindly agree to the terms of the prenup. We suggest contacting the offices of Johnson, Sclafani & Moriarty, as they have years of experience in family law and will put your best interests as their priority. They will review the prenup and do everything they can to protect you within that prenup. They will protect you and only you, not the person who asked you to sign the prenup.

If you have been asked to sign a prenup or you are interested in having a prenup constructed, call the law offices of Johnson, Sclafani & Moriarty for a FREE initial consultation. 413-732-8356.