Can My Cellphone Be Used Against Me?

Can My Cellphone Be Used Against Me?

There is so much information about you on your cellphone. It basically holds your life. Information such as where you’ve been, where you live, who your friends are, etc.

The Supreme Court’s 2014 decision established that cellphones are most like homes, which police officers need warrants to search. Chief Justice Roberts wrote that a contemporary cellphone, with its immense storage capacity, contains more private, sensitive information than a house. So, because of that, officers who plan to search cellphones will usually have to get court approval before having at it.

If the police will seize your cell phone without a warrant, it is within your rights to decline the warrantless search of your cell phone in the United States. Always verbally state that you do not consent to a search of any of your devices.

It is recommended to always use a pin code to access your cellphone, not your fingerprint or facial recognition. Using a pin code makes it more difficult for others to access/open your cellphone.

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