How Much Child Support Will I Get?

How Much Child Support Will I Get?

If you’re wondering “How much child support will I get?” consider that when parents separate and ultimately divorce, one of the parents may be eligible for child support, which is money paid by the other parent to help with the financial needs of the child.

Who pays and how much is determined by the justices of the Court. A judge will calculate the child support formula, via guidelines provided by the State of Massachusetts. Some factors include both parent’s income, cost of medical insurance, social security benefits if any, daycare expenses if any, and the living arrangements of the child.

Included in the Support Order will be monetary support (food, shelter, clothing), health insurance, education expenses. In addition, the order might contain child-care expenses, visitation travel expenses, private school, summer camps, and extracurricular activities.

Child support payments end

  • At 18 if the child has moved out of the home, except for college, is employed full time, is married, or has joined the military
  • At 21 unless the child is enrolled in a full-time undergraduate college program
  • At 23 unless the child is a disable adult and the subject of a guardianship

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