Co-Parenting Communication Platforms

Co-Parenting Communication Platforms

Divorce and Family Law

Looking for a tool to help you and your ex-partner communicate and organize the care and well being of your children? We have two suggestions.

The first platform is Our Family Wizard (OFW), a co-parenting platform where your schedule, expenses, and communication are all contained in one place.

The calendar in OFW is the place where you can track your parenting schedule, share appointment details, and easily request changes to parenting time.

The message board is secure and all communication is permanent. It can never be edited, deleted, or retracted.

OFW also contains a journal where parents can record observations, share memories, document last minute schedule changes and even check in to verify your presence at exchanges or other locations.

The Expense log in OFW tracks shared parenting expenses. Receipts are attached to expenses thereby keeping an accurate payment history.

OFM also has an Info Bank which of course is secure. It contains sections that you complete: medical histories, insurance information, emergency contacts, school schedules, files, photos, and more. Everything right where you need it!


The second platform, features a calendar whereby you and your ex can synchronize your schedules and define your shared custody arrangements. You can both make changes to the calendar and request the other parent to accept the change. All events and activities can be added so nothing will be missed. Add school vacation dates, holiday schedules and more. also has a financial management system. It manages shared expenses and shows what needs to be paid and by whom.

Through the messaging interface, all communications can take place through and conversations can be archived.

In addition, has an Information Bank where you store your child’s information, such as medical, dental, babysitter, coach, teacher, clothing sizes, social security number, etc. It’s all stored right on the site and both parents have access. also has an album where you can share pictures in a secure environment, a journal where you can share information, news or anything really.


Both of these platforms have apps that you can download onto your cell phone which is extremely convenient as you will have everything you need right at your fingertips!