What You Need to Know About Massachusetts’ New Proposed Seat Belt Law

What You Need to Know About Massachusetts’ New Proposed Seat Belt Law

Curious About Massachusetts’ New Proposed Seat Belt Law? Much has been said about the new seat belt law in Massachusetts. The changes in legislation are clearly designed to save lives. But what happens if you break this potential law? Are the legal consequences for not wearing a seat belt really that bad? Could a police officer really pull you over for not wearing a seat belt? If you have already been charged with this crime, what kind of legal options do you have?

These are all important questions, and they are probably best left answered by a professional. Reach out to an experienced, qualified criminal defense attorney in Massachusetts, and you can approach this situation in an efficient, confident manner. There is no reason you should have to face unnecessary consequences for this law, and an attorney can help mitigate any legal consequences you might be facing.

The Details of the Proposed Seat Belt Law
In late April, this new law had not been approved yet. Governor Baker expressed a desire to fine people for not wearing seat belts, and he also proposed legislation that allowed police officers to pull people over for not wearing a seat belt. Prior to this point, police officers could only fine individuals for these types of traffic violations if they had already been pulled over for something else. Opponents of the bill stated that wearing a seat belt was “common sense,” and that it should not be written into law.

Other details of the proposed road safety bill include the installation of red light cameras, more space for cyclists on the road, new legislation for e-scooters, and new punishments for drivers who continue to operate their vehicle after their license has been revoked.

Will I Go to Jail for Not Wearing My Seat Belt?
You cannot be sent to jail for a seat belt violation. While this may be upgraded from a “secondary” crime to a “primary” crime, this still does not allow police officers to actually arrest you. The proposed change would only allow police officers to pull you over for not wearing a seat belt. The only reason you would face an arrest is if police discover that you are guilty of another crime in the process of pulling you over.

Seat Belt Liability in Massachusetts
You may also be wondering whether these proposed changes in legislation will affect seat belt liability. What happens if you get in a crash and you were not wearing your seat belt? Could this affect your ability to regain compensation? Is it evidence that you are to blame for your own injuries?

Fortunately, Governor Baker’s traffic bill says nothing about traffic safety, which means the old law still stands: “Failure to wear a properly fastened safety belt shall not be considered as contributory negligence or used as evidence in any civil action.”

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