Massachusetts Launches MassReconnect: Free Community College for Adults

Massachusetts Launches MassReconnect: Free Community College for Adults

In a groundbreaking move in August, 2023, Governor Maura T. Healey and her administration have launched MassReconnect, a program set to provide free community college education to Massachusetts residents aged 25 and older. This initiative aims to transform the lives of thousands of students, bolster the state’s economy, and enhance the role of community colleges as key drivers of prosperity. The program is expected to make higher education more accessible, affordable, and equitable for residents across the state.

MassReconnect offers eligible Massachusetts residents aged 25 and older the opportunity to pursue a college degree or certificate at one of the state’s 15 community colleges without the financial burden of tuition and fees. This program aims to eliminate a significant barrier to education, making it accessible to a broader range of adult learners.

Governor Healey’s administration has allocated $100,000 to each of the 15 community colleges to facilitate the quick implementation of MassReconnect this fall. This funding will not only cover the cost of tuition and fees but also provide allowances for books and supplies, further reducing financial barriers for students.

Enrollment in MassReconnect is flexible, allowing students to sign up for at least six credits per semester in approved programs of study leading to an associate degree or certificate at their preferred community college. There is no strict enrollment deadline, as many community college programs start at various points throughout the semester.

To qualify for MassReconnect, students must be 25 years or older on the first day of their classes and permanent Massachusetts residents for at least one year at the start of the enrolled term. The program is designed for residents who have not previously earned a college degree (associate’s or bachelor’s) and enroll in eligible programs.

Community colleges are vital drivers of economic mobility, and they play a crucial role in shaping the state’s workforce. With MassReconnect, workers can access the education and training necessary for career growth, aligning their skills with the demands of the job market. This initiative addresses labor shortages and ensures a highly trained workforce for future industries.

Massachusetts’ MassReconnect program is a game-changer for adult learners seeking to advance their education and career prospects. By making community college accessible and affordable, the initiative is poised to empower thousands of residents, strengthen the state’s workforce, and drive economic success. This significant investment in education reflects the commitment of Governor Healey and her administration to create a more equitable and prosperous future for Massachusetts. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to pursue your degree or certificate through MassReconnect.