I want a Divorce. Now what?

I want a Divorce. Now what?

The first thing you will want to do if you want a divorce is to obtain the services of an attorney to ensure your best interests are represented.

If you want a divorce but your spouse doesn’t, you can still move forward. Massachusetts allows divorce due to irreconcilable differences and all you need to do is prove that you can no longer live with your spouse or that you no longer love your spouse.

Fault vs. No Fault Divorce in Massachusetts

No-fault divorce has no requirements to prove breakdown of the marriage. A fault divorce is where one of the spouses blames the other for the breakdown of the marriage. Some fault grounds include adultery, excessive use of alcohol, and/or physical abuse. A fault divorce could be costly and time consuming so it’s recommended to file a no-fault divorce if possible.

Do I need to be separated from my spouse before filing for divorce?

Not in Massachusetts. However, during a separation, the parties are able to finalize agreements of the divorce, thereby preparing for the procedure.

Once a judge has signed the Judgement of Divorce, your divorce will become final after a 90 waiting period.

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