Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit After Suffering Burns in a Massachusetts Car Crash

Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit After Suffering Burns in a Massachusetts Car Crash

One of the worst possible consequences of a car crash is a serious burn. Unfortunately, fires can often break out when cars collide, as the fuel these vehicles carry is highly flammable. For those who are caught in the flames, this can lead to terrible health consequences and permanent disfigurement. What should you do if you have suffered burns in a Massachusetts car accident?

The first step is to get in touch with an experienced personal injury attorney in Massachusetts. Our legal professionals can help you file a personal injury lawsuit, which can provide you with the compensation you need to handle your medical expenses, missed wages, and much more. We can help you can hold guilty parties accountable and pursue justice in an efficient manner.

Driver Found Dead in After a Car Fire in Cape Cod
In May of 2021, it was reported that a fiery crash had claimed the life of a driver in Cape Cod. Authorities found a vehicle crashed against a tree, and it was engulfed in flames. It was immediately obvious that the car had crashed directly into the tree, and the front end of the vehicle was almost completely destroyed. Although firefighters were able to extinguish the fire, the driver could not be saved. Although the Massachusetts State Police launched an official investigation into the crash, the man’s cause of death was obvious. This incident highlights the extreme danger of fires in car crashes.

Burns are More than Just Injuries
Although burns can cause immense pain and disability, they go much deeper than that. A serious burn can disfigure a person, leaving their life irrevocably changed forever. This is especially true in the case of facial burns. A serious burn on the face may destroy a person’s confidence and ability to form relationships in the future. Fortunately, these factors will be taken into account when you get your settlement – either directly from the insurance company or via a trial. The emotional and psychological impacts of burns are considered non-economic damages, and they can increase your settlement amount considerably.

Holding Negligent Parties Accountable
If your accident was caused by a drunk driver or someone else who is guilty of negligence, you can hold them accountable in a court of law. This is an important part of our legal system, as it ensures that negligent drivers see consequences for their actions.

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