Can I Sue the Government for Potholes in Western Massachusetts?

Can I Sue the Government for Potholes in Western Massachusetts?

One of the most basic responsibilities of the government is to ensure that public roads are well-maintained. Roads have been an essential part of functioning society for thousands of years. The Roman Empire’s affinity for road-building was one of the main reasons they became so successful. It seems unthinkable that in the modern era, roads are so poorly maintained that they are actually causing considerable damage to cars. However, this is an unfortunate reality for many drivers.

If you have suffered damages due to potholes in Western Mass roads, you may be able to receive compensation from the government. Potholes can not only cause damage to your car, but they can also cause injuries. If you are serious about filing a claim against the local government responsible for maintaining local roads, it is important to enlist the help of a qualified, experienced personal injury attorney. Suing the government is not always easy, and you need the help of a legal professional to pursue a favorable outcome.

Western Mass Roads are a Major Concern
According to news reports, potholes are a major concern in Western  Mass. Residents are more than familiar with terrible road conditions, particularly in the winter. During the cold months, low temperatures break up the pavement and cause potholes to form. In fact, residents state that the prevalence of potholes can even cause cars to swerve and weave in an attempt to dodge these hazards.

Obviously, this creates a massive risk for collisions, especially at high speeds. In addition, many residents complain of considerable damage to their car. One citizen stated that he has replaced tires up to five times per year due to pothole damage.

Is it Easy to Sue the Government for Potholes?
If the government is indeed responsible for maintaining roads, then one has to ask whether they can be held liable for damages. After all, the average citizen cannot take it upon themselves to fix roads. Not only would that be against the law, but it would also be unreasonable. This is why we pay taxes.

So how do you successfully sue the government for damages? It can be a tricky process, especially since governments tend to be protected from lawsuits thanks to something called “qualified immunity.” That being said, clear negligence cannot be ignored in a Massachusetts court. The key to approaching this situation is proving that the government knew about these potential hazards and did nothing to address the issue. If the threat of potholes is common knowledge among citizens of Western Mass and the government does not seem to be taking any action, you may be able to receive compensation for your damages.

Enlist the Help of a Qualified Personal Injury Attorney Today
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